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How much do you know about the episode the tan aquatic with Steve zissou, my fave episode? It is hilarious. If you haven't seen it go watch it n come back and try this quiz?

Are you a true fan of this show, or are you a phony, a big fat phony? lolol do you know every ep of this in and out, well we'll find out in a minute with this quiz!!!

Created by: mw bs ls 2010

  1. When was the episode the tan aquatic with Steve zissou originally aired??
  2. What's in the can of juice Stewie is drinking whilst sun bathing??
  3. What is the name of the boy who bullys Chris in this ep??
  4. How old is Peter in this ep??
  5. Wot kind of moustache has Stewie got in this ep complete the sentence its the kind of moustache tht says:
  6. How does Stewie get his tan??
  7. Complete this quote It's essentially Brokeback Mountain from the point of view of the ____???
  8. Acording to herbert how many more weeks of winter is there from what's going on in his pants.
  9. What does Stewie compare brian to in this ep he said your haunting this house with your whiteness brian?
  10. What seasonis this ep from??

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