The Sweeney Todd Quiz

Now, a lot of people are fans with Sweeney Todd, more people have SEEN Sweeney Todd, whether it is the movie or the play, but not all pay attention. How well do YOU know the gory, bloody, violent- okay you get the picture. The question is, how well do you know it?

Do you know a lot about Sweeney Todd? If so, you are probably a fan who takes a lot of time cutting out all the big (and sometimes small) details in the movie.

Created by: Puppydog

  1. What kinds of pies does .Lovett make at first?
  2. Why does Sweeney Todd want revenge?
  3. Fill In The Lyrics- The lives of the _____ should be made brief.
  4. Who is the beggar woman?
  5. How does Sweeney Todd kill?
  6. What is Sweeney Todd's Ex-name?
  7. How does Lucy go insane?
  8. Where does Mrses. Lovett want to go?
  9. Where does the film take place?
  10. Who Plays Sweeney Todd?
  11. How does Sweeney Todd Die?
  12. How does Mrses. Lovett die?
  13. What does the 'miracle elixir' do?
  14. What is the 'Miracle Elixir' made of?
  15. Who interuppts Sweeney Todd as he is about to murder Judge Turpin?
  16. Who is the first person Sweeney Todd Kills?
  17. What does Sweeney Todd announce after the song 'My Friends'?
  18. Who is the last person in the film Sweeney Todd kills?
  19. How many razors are in Sweeney's case?
  20. What is most commonly reffered to as Mrs.Lovetts first name, out of these?
  21. Who plays Judge Turpin? (Be... careful.)
  22. Is The Ballard Of Sweeney Todd played at all throughout the movie?
  23. What are Sweeney's razors made of?
  24. What is the (2007) Sweeney Todd the Musical (Movie) based on?
  25. Where does Mrs.Lovett hide Sweeney's Razors?
  26. What is Mrs.Lovett's last word?

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