The Streams Heart: Part 3

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This is part 3 of my Warriors love story. There is a new love option in this quiz: Ripplestripe, the shiny silver tabby with blue eyes. This quiz marks the start of an important chapter in Streamcloud’s life…..

*Recap* In Part 2, you became an apprentice with Dovestar as your mentor. You had a tour of the territory with Ripplepaw, who is now Ripplestripe. When you got back, you shared prey with Flameheart, who was Flamepaw back then. You take a walk in the woods by yourself and discover a flood in camp. Dovestar, Dawnflower, and Hailspark die. You and Flameheart receive your warrior names.

Created by: WarriorsLover66
  1. You are walking in the forest when you feel something softly poke your side. You whip your head around, but no one is in view. You continue walking, but then another poke... and another one... and another one...
  2. Suddenly, you jolt up to see a bright orange tom peering down at you, poking you in the side. *Flameheart!* "Finally you're awake!" he teased. "I thought you would be asleep forever! Brightstar is having the deputy ceremony now!”
  3. Soon, you hear pawsteps. It was Flameheart and Ripplestripe(the tom who you had a tour of the territory with). They were both wanting to be next to to you. You stand up and say, “Flameheart, Ripplestripe, how about you each stay on either side of me?” Both toms look content. Flameheart comes on your left, and Ripplestripe sits on your right.
  4. “Let all cats old enough to swim and hunt gather beneath Highrock.” You hear the yowl of Brightwing. No, Brightstar. You squirm in excitement. “I say these words before StarClan, and may they approve of my choice. Streamcloud will be the new deputy of IceClan.” “But she’s pathetic!”Fawnblaze, your enemy, looked at her in disbelief. “She was ready to defend Dovestar with her life,” Brightstar growled. Leafstorm smiles and the others cheer. “Streamcloud! Streamcloud!” Duskpaw gives Leafstorm a glare. Ripplestripe begins grooming you. Brightstar says that you have the day off.
  5. After the ceremony, Flameheart comes. “Congratulations on becoming deputy, Streamcloud! Will you go on a walk in the woods with me? There’s something I want to show you.” What do you think?
  6. Flameheart said, “Come on Streamcloud, let’s go.” “I’m coming, Flameheart! I’m just grooming my fur!” Soon, you finish grooming your fur and go with Flameheart. He goes a little past the ThunderClan entrance and rubs fox dung on himself, to not get caught. Then, he rubs some on you, and you start blushing.
  7. Flameheart continues on his way, then stops. You look around. “Streamcloud, look behind this ivy!” You peek behind the ivy, and find a cave. “I’ve been waiting to explore the cave, but I wanted to explore it with you.” “But what about Emberstar?” Fireheart counters. Jaynight said, “I told him we were going hunting and I caught tons of fresh-kill, to prove it.” He motions his head to a pile that had 3 squirrels, 2 voles, 2 shrews, and a starling. You nod to him, take off the fox dung, and promise to put in on when you come out.
  8. Then, a voice starts to speak. “Hello, Streamcloud and Flameheart. Flameheart, I am Clovertail, the deputy of StreamClan before Dovestar. This cave is a place where you can communicate with StarClan.” “Should we tell Brightstar?” Flameheart asked. His voice echoed on the cave walls. “No, this is a secret that must be kept between both of you. I have a prophecy. When the Stream of Clouds flow, to the Heart of Flame it must go. They will meet a leaf’s storm, which will burn an ivy’s fern. Bring these together, make it forever, for they will put out the fiery fawn, bring these together, make it forever, then will arise, a great new dawn.” After she finished speaking, she faded away.
  9. Flameheart begins to speak again. “Well, now that we found the pool, we should name it too. Streamcloud, you choose the name, because you found the pool first.” You think for a while, and then find the perfect name. “How about the Moonripple?” You suggest. “It’s perfect!” he tells you. You begin to purr. Then, you hear footsteps. “Let’s go back to camp, and bring the fresh-kill with us.” Flameheart picks up a squirrel and the vole, and you pick up the other squirrel and vole. You begin your journey back to StreamClan.
  10. When you arrive back at camp, Brightstar greets you. “Good job, you two! Flameheart, take a rest. Streamcloud, go to the training hollow. Leafstorm needs you.”
  11. You go out for a walk, Snowbird(snow-white she-cat, Ivyfern’s best friend at your side. She had insisted on coming because “something might go wrong! What if you’re in danger?!” so you agreed. You try to work out new strategies for hunting and fighting. “Suddenly, a strong reek in the air hits you. You sniff the air. “Fox!”you gasp to Snowbird. “Looks like we found the fox who made Dovestar lose her 8th life. Or at least, it’s nest,”he growled. But then, something hits you, and you feel pain in your neck. It’s the fox! You turn over, slicing your hind claws over its soft underbelly, but pain shot through your hind paw. “I’m coming!” You heard the snarl of Snowbird, and suddenly the fox got up, snapping and hissing. Snowbird was raking its nose with a flurry of blows. “Shiverwind! Call a patrol! I’ll fight the fox!” All you hear is a yowl as you half limp, half sprint to your camp. And then, you black out.
  12. *3 days later* You wake up in the medicine den. Duskpaw was leaning over you. “Leafstream, she’s awake!” He yells. *Who’s Silverstripe?* You think. As if Duskpaw was reading your mind, he answered. “SIlverstripe is a silver cat. She was also trained alongside me. She’s a warrior, but she’s also skilled in medicine cat duties, too.” “Where’s Nightpelt?” You ask.
  13. “Where’s Nightpelt?” You ask. Duskpaw’s eyes fill with tears. “She-she died fighting the fox. Leafstorm said that someone else died too…. Ivyfern will be very sad.” And….. CLIFFHANGER!!!

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