The Star Wars Quiz (Original Trilogy Part 1)

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For Those Of You Asking, Yes, This Quiz Includes Star Wars Rebels, And Yes, This is Only Part one, Ill make a part 2 Of this quiz soon. (Or Whenever I Feel Like it)

But if you like this quiz then please, share it, please, I need to become a Famous Rich Guy, so please, dont hesitate to make me popular, I promise that I won't complain

Created by: Deadlock
  1. What Did Obi-Wan Kenobi change his Name To in order to avoid being found by the Empire?
  2. To What Planet Did Obi-Wan Go To After Order 66 was Executed?
  3. What Planet Does The Ghost Crew Operate On?
  4. What Is Kanan Jarrus's Real Name?
  5. Who Does The Grand Inquisitor Fight For?
  6. Where Was Kanan Jarrus taken to After he was Captured?
  7. Who Killed The Grand Inquisitor?
  8. Who Rescued The Ghost Crew From Grand Moff Tarkin's Fleet above Mustafar?
  9. Why Did The Ghost Crew Go back to Lothal?
  10. Who Confronted The Ghost Crew When they Returned to Lothal?
  11. Why Did Ashoka Tano send The Ghost Crew to the Seelos System?
  12. How Did The Phoenix Cell Find a New Base?
  13. Who Did Ezra, Kanan, and Ashoka Find On Malachor?
  14. What Happend To Kanan On Malachor?
  15. Who Did Ashoka Duel On Malachor?
  16. What Happend to The Phantom When The Rebels Tried to Steal Y-Wings From Reklam Station?
  17. Who Spied For The Rebels And Helped Them Throughout Season 3?
  18. What Happend When The Rebels Tried to Mount Up a Force to Attack Lothal?
  19. Which Side Ultimately won The Battle Of Atallon?
  20. Who Confronted and Killed Darth Mual When He went to Tatooine?
  21. Who Went With Saw Gurerra To Help Him Find the Secret Imperial Superweapon?
  22. What Happend to The Rebels When They Attacked The Tie Defender Ship Yards On Lothal.
  23. What Happend Just Before Kanan Was Killed?
  24. How Was Ashoka Saved On Malachor?
  25. What Happend to Gregor in The Series Finale?
  26. What Happend to Ezra And Thrawn?
  27. What happend to Saw Gurrera in Rouge One?
  28. Why Did The Rebellion want to Kill Galen Erso?
  29. Why did The Rebellion go to Scariff?
  30. What is Luke Skywalker's Home Planet?

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