the spongebob test

Many people like Spongebob. Especially kids. I hope you know yours. I love spongebob myself, I doubt you'll know spongebob as well as your kids might.

Are YOU a genius on Spongebob? Do you have what it takes to pass the Spongebob test. If you pass your awsome. If you don't get a good score.Your a loser.

Created by: Brady

  1. Who is Spongebobs bestfriend>
  2. Where Does Spongebob Live?
  3. Where Does Spongebob Work?
  4. What is Spongebobs Favorite Thing to do?
  5. What is Sponges pet?
  6. What Channel is Spongbob on?
  7. What is his favorite snack?
  8. What is Patrick?
  9. What is Patrick?
  10. What is Spongebobs Last name?
  11. What does Spongebob live in?

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