The Sorting Hat

This is the Sorting Hat reporting from Hogwarts! Are you ready to find out which house you're in? Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff-which one are you? Take this quiz to find out, and no need to fret!

Get ready to put this old battered hat on to find out which Hogwarts house you're in! Don't be shy! Step up to claim your house! I don't bite! You can wear me!

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  1. How do others describe you?
  2. What would you do if you saw a dollar bill left on the desk of your classmate?
  3. What high school stereotype would you fit into?
  4. What animal class best represents you?
  5. Which house do you think you're in?
  6. Which house do you want to be in?
  7. What color represents you (not your fav color)?
  8. What do you think is most important?
  9. What do you think of me, the Sorting Hat?
  10. Is this quiz boring?
  11. Are you ready?

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