The Riddle Quiz

welcome to my quiz in this quiz you will find out how good you are at solving riddles and how good you are at working problems out and remember to think outside the box cause in this quiz you have to

I hope your exited to get started with the quiz and I hope your ready is well remember to share this quiz with your friends and family bye good luck and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Isla Munro

  1. how many hours are in three days
  2. Johns mum is a billionaire and she has 4 children 1 is called red 1 is called orange and 1 is called yellow what is the name of the fourth child
  3. how many months have 28 days in them
  4. a girl was imagining that she is sick up a tree with a snake already climbing up the tree and the tree is a lion at the bottom waiting to gobble her up how does she survive
  5. how many letters are in *the alphabet* ps I gave you a hint
  6. what colour are the clouds
  7. if I'm 4 and my sister is 2 she is half my age so when I am 100 how old will my sister be
  8. what flavour are the original squishies
  9. is the letter p on the top of the keyboard or on the middle or on the top
  10. what day is valentines day on

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