The Potato Quiz

Potato, potato,potato. YOU MAY NEED to go to the toilet before you take this quiz, other wise there may be some unpleasant gasses. Potato, potato, potato.

Potato, potato, potato. We hope you enjoy our potato, potato, potato quiz. We took a lot of time to find some cool facts about potatoes. Potato, potato, potato.

Created by: Megs and Gabz

  1. Do potatoes have eyes?
  2. Do potatoes come from the Pacific Ocean?
  3. Do potatoes have feelings?
  4. Do potatoes eat each other?
  5. Do you love potatoes?
  6. Do potatoes have legs?
  7. Do potatoes have jobs?
  8. Do potatoes smell?
  9. Are potatoes clever?
  10. Do potatoes vomit?

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