The Poke Quiz 1

Pokemon Is awesome Pikachu Is awesome Evee Is awesome Bayleaf Is Awesome You ARE awesome But What is awesomeness? Awesomeness Is When You've Mastered Something In this Case POKEMON!

Well are YOU Awesome DO you WANT TO BE AWESOME TAKE THIS QUIZ AND BLAH hoof BLAH octopus BLAH Rich Cheese I am Pikachu! Pet Rock BLAH do you know abut pokemon?

Created by: dragon

  1. What are the Sinnoh starter pokemon
  2. In the pokemon Game Once you nickname a pokemon you cant change it.True or False?
  3. Oshawott weapon is on its stomach what is the shape?
  4. Name all the types Torchick is weak to.
  5. What was Leaf green paired up with?
  6. What was on the cover of pokemon Blue?
  7. What Type Is Garchomp?
  8. In crystal You Use _________ to play
  9. Pokemon HeartGold And SoulSilver is a remake of Pokemon Gold and Silver. True Or False
  10. What was The new thing they put in the Game case?
  11. When Does Grimer evole into Muk?
  12. How can evee evolve into Glaceon?
  13. What can Pikachu Do to the enemy when Using Thunder Type moves?

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