The PissArmy and you

This is a quiz for all you people out there who are or wish to be Pissants. Being a PissAnt means a life-long dedication to one of the greatest industrial metal juggernauts of all time. MINISTRY!!!

Do you love industrial music? Do you want to share your love? Are you worthy of being a member of the PissArmy? Does your s**t not stink? Then this is the quiz for you.

Created by: Coconut

  1. Who's got one of Wanking Willy's old avatars with a new head?
  2. Who started the Drunk Ass-thread?
  4. Who used to have a sleepy Cthulhu as their avatar?
  5. Who's a big old Greek?
  6. Who does everyone agree is an UNfunny comedian
  7. What band is the PA dedicated to?
  8. Who was the last president of the PissArmy?
  9. Who Hosted the pissart contests
  10. Who seems to love SNake Plisken?
  11. Who is not taking Genius pills but is in fact smarter than the rest?

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