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A word of warning: There are not a bucket load of questions on this quiz, but because they are philosophical they force you to use more energy thinking. The philosophies quiz is not perfect but is certainly a good indicator if all the questions contained are answered properly and without excessive pandering.

This quiz attempts to measure the degree to which theories on ideal governance are similar to pre-established philosophies. Certainly imperfect but able to point you in the right direction.

Created by: Roh Tae Woo
  1. The strong get what they want and the weak suffer what they must.
  2. Killing is always wrong.
  3. What kind of state do we need?
  4. What does the state of nature look like (a world with no societies or governments)
  5. Checks and balances within the government are positive
  6. We are all given certain unalienable rights which we can only violate by popular consent.
  7. I believe in private property
  8. No ideology should force people to perform good actions, only punish people for violating others' rights.
  9. Which is best for a society of good people to be ruled by:
  10. The ideals you set for yourself are more important than how they are implemented. It's the effort and thought that counts.
  11. Morals are self evident, we all know them on some level.
  12. We all have a duty to preserve human dignity
  13. if everything is left to the way it is naturally run, societies ills will eventually be amended more quickly than any form of intervention could amend.
  14. People should be grouped according to their social functions, and industries should aid and advise the state.
  15. Human Life is sacred.
  16. The examples rulers set are more important than the ideologies they impose on their people.
  17. Humans are inherently prone to evil
  18. People and society operate much better when things are used for their designated purpose.
  19. A common central coercive power is essential to keep people in good order as people are not necessarily capable of self governance.
  20. Effectiveness trumps positive intentions.
  21. The utility of an action is the only thing that makes it useful.
  22. Philosophy doesn't really matter, because the way things turn out have more baring on what we feel is right than the ideas behind our actions.
  23. When people see a problem in society, they have a duty to intervene regardless of whether they want to or not.
  24. When you control the situation, there is no difference between allowing people to perish, and directly killing someone.
  25. If a trolley is running towards 5 people, should you turn the lever and send it towards 1 person.
  26. If 5 people need organ transplants, and someone with matches for all of them walks in. Do you harvest his organs to save the others?
  27. God keeps people moral
  28. When can we violate individual rights?
  29. Which is most important?
  30. Society is:
  31. Most opinions are subjective
  32. Democracy is only as useful as the Education and media that surround it.

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