The Office Quiz- Season 5

The Office quiz is a quiz that I created to test people of their knowledge on season 5 of the Office and some question of characters from season 5. I thought I'd be a good,and interesting quiz.

Are you as big of an Office geek as you think?? Can you answer these and be THE Office genius? can you remember the drama, comedy, and love storie of season 5? Well, lets find out today!!

Created by: Alex
  1. In what episode does Ryan return?
  2. When does Holly get transferred?
  3. Who quits?
  4. What's the name of Michael's new company?
  5. When David Wallace sends Michael to Canada,who goes with him?
  6. How do Michael and Dwight try to fire Toby?
  7. where does Jim propose to Pam?
  8. When does the Michael Scott Paper Company Start?
  9. When does Dunder Mifflin buy out their company?
  10. Who does Michael see at the Company Picnic?
  11. Who fights each other?

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