The most random quiz EVER!!!!

There are many flying pigs around but there are not many onions with orange hair. What is all this? To be honest i don't know.Why don't you go on the internet and find out or just take the quiz even though it has nothing to do with it but yeah. have a go and impress yourself ;)

Are you random? Do say stuff like smelly cheese in a middle of sentence. well test you randomness with the randomest test ever. Thanks to you, i might be god like so please rate me!! xxxxx

Created by: Scully

  1. How random do you think you are?
  2. How often do you fart?
  3. What is a bid-rab
  4. If you were given some mini egg's, what would you do?
  5. yellow, green, blue, purple. What are these?
  6. I am entering a question. What does it say?
  7. How big are your ears?
  8. **** ******
  9. I am about to say a sentence, what would you say where the stars are? Once upon there was a girl named ****
  10. What are you thinking right now?
  11. What could you be doing instead of this quiz?
  12. 37 more questions to go!!!
  13. Not really. Just joking.
  14. There are 22 questions left!
  15. BYE

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