How much of an AFHV Fan r u

What is a true video taker Do you have what it takes to impress Tom Bergeron and Vin DiBona and the rest of the AFV Production staff and also maybe you'll impress yourself for taking this quiz being a true fan of the show and making this world a little more humorous

Do you have what it takes to watch people embarass themselves on TV and laugh hysterically at them and make fun of them and really see that if you do something truely funny and embarassing you can win serious money for it

Created by: Brendan

  1. On what date and day in November 1989 did the AFHV Pilot Air
  2. In the Bob Saget years what day of the week did AFHV except for 2 episodes one in 1996 and one in 1997 always air on
  3. Who was the $5,000 winner on the Pilot Episode
  4. How many finalists were there on the first ever AFHV $100,000 Grand Prize Show in May 1990
  5. What video won the $100,000 Grand Prize on the the first ever Grand Prize Show
  6. On November 17 1991 what AFHV personality made a guest cameo on the first Grand Prize Show in Season 3
  7. In February 1992 which Full House Duo appeared on the second $100,000 Show of Season 3 to bring the $100,000 check to Bob Saget and also appeared in the beginning of the episode right after the theme song ended
  8. In what Season did the set go from a small window and walls to a big window and no walls
  9. What channel has AFHV always aired on
  10. In syndication what stations have aired the Bob Saget version of AFHV
  11. In Season 6 which Full House girls appeared on the Grand Prize Show in November 1994
  12. In Season 8 which AFHV legend died of cancer in February 1997
  13. On May 9 1997 in Season 8 what sitcom had a reunion with Bob Saget in the final week before he left America's Funniest Home Videos
  14. Who took over the hosting duties of AFV in 2001
  15. Which major milestone did AFV celebrate in November 2003
  16. In May 2005 what special prize was given to one of the $100,000 Winners besides the cash itself at the end of the season and has been given out ever since
  17. In 2002 what celebrity rapper appeared on the Battle of the Best Special in Season 12 of AFV
  18. In May 2006 what special honor was given out to AFV
  19. Sometime in 2008 what milestone will AFV celebrate
  20. On October 7 2007 what season of AFV premeired on ABC

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