The Minecraft Crafting Quiz

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This quiz is going to test all your knowledge about Minecraft. Come play the quiz today to see how good you are at Minecraft and to see if you are a Noob!

Do you think you could do it? Tap the start button and reveal what you know.. Don't forget to share this on social media sites like Facebook, and show it to 4J studios!+ Mojang!

Created by: GemGeometryDash

  1. How do you create glass?
  2. How to get 3 pieces of wool from 1 sheep?
  3. How to get cobblestone?
  4. How to get moss stone?
  5. Minecraft is genuinely in the ' ' genre?
  6. Minecraft was made by..
  7. Minecraft is top for what on the App Store?
  8. The skin you start off with in Minecraft is called?
  9. The portal which is currently not in Minecraft PE 0.10.4 is?
  10. In Minecraft xbox which of the folliwing can you NOT dye?

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