The Love Movie Quiz!

Do you have a crush? Are you in love(But not married)? Well this quiz fits for you! It's a story quiz and all you have to do is just click the dots before the sentences you think you might like to pick. Then at last, click "Submit Answers" and see how you are going!

Are you a great girlfriend? Do you holds the power to qualify your prestigious lover? Until now you could only wonder about it and not sink in love for real, but thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will sure find out!

Created by: Angela. Z of MeiYangYang's Blog
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  1. One day, you notices your boyfriend to go and watch a movie together. He-
  2. Your boyfriend picked a movie and you asked him what it is. He said: "Wait and see, honey! It sure will be a great one!" it is a-
  3. You and your boyfriend picked a seat. You went over to buy some food for you and your boyfriend to eat and drink while watching the movie. You baught-
  4. You went back to your seat and you saw the movie was already starting. Your boyfriend said-
  5. You smiled back at him, then you suddenly realised the movie was really scary. You-
  6. He kissed back and said: "Don't be afraid, I like these movies." you said-
  7. "You do?" your boyfriend said proudly. He jumped up, held his too arms out and held onto you tight. You hugged back and said-
  8. Soon, the food and the drinks were all finished. Your boyfriend stood up as if to buy some more, you said-
  9. After your boyfriend came back you and him munched on the toffees he baught. The movie was about to finish. You-
  10. You and your boyfriend stood up. You realized you guys were not the same height anymore. You guys were-
  11. You guys walked out the door. You and your boyfriend were about to go home. You guys-

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