The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks Mayhem

Are you a Legend of Zelda Spirit Spirit Tracks fan? If so then this is definitely the quiz for you! This quiz will test your knowledge of the game so take it and see how well you do!

This is my absolute favorite game on earth!! But do you like it? I hope you do! If you enjoy the game then you'll definitely enjoy this quiz! Good luck!!

Created by: Alex
  1. How many rail maps are there in existance?
  2. What is the last realm called?
  3. What is the hero of the game called?
  4. What was the princess of hyrule called before she was named "Zelda"
  5. What are all the bosses on the game called in order!
  6. How many force gems are there in the game?
  7. How many rabbits are there in the game?
  8. What is the train called? (the one you get from the tower of spirits)
  9. What is the boss called in the fire temple?
  10. How many tools are in the game?

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