The last man on earth

there are many smart people . do you know that . but only few geniuses . but if your a genius . your better and i like you more ok. if you got highscore . you are genious

are you a genius . if you are. you have a brain power . and did you know . if your a genius . you can also survive the apocalypse . if not . you are sorry

Created by: Chicksman
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  1. your doing something on the computer. your watching some of the news. its the zombie outbreak. then someone is knocking on the door. what will you do?
  2. you saw your wife . she has a blood driping on the mouth. what will you do ?
  3. there are knife , hiding place and a sink . what will you do?
  4. what will you do next?
  5. you get out of the house and saw a woman looking at you . what will you do?
  6. you saw a hostel . will you get in?
  7. you saw a shotgun (far of you) what will you do?
  8. then you walk on your left and saw a hostaged man. will you save it
  9. then a chainsaw man followed you . what will you do?
  10. you escaped then you get in another door but you saw two doors. where will you go?
  11. and then you saw a door . will you get in?
  12. you get down , found the safe room. will you get in?

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