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Hello My Name is [Pentagon] a new quiz designer. This is my first *official* quiz and i hope you enjoy, i have worked hard on this despite the fact i am lazy, so please enjoy (or i will find you and burn down your house).

This is The Impossible Quiz (inspired by the impossible quiz game) The Answer is never wat u expect doh! your probably gonna lose terribly but thats ok because you can be happy and lose (or just cheat and redo it) (none of the jokes are personal dont be offended ok, ok bye)

Created by: [Pentagon]

  1. How many dongs does a ding dong dong?
  2. how gay are you
  3. thee shall kicketh the bucket tomm'row thee naughty logan paul supp'rt'r!
  4. to troll.. or not to troll
  5. BUT CAN U D0 DIS?!?
  6. So, how about those gas prices... 1863
  7. who is [Polygon]?
  8. actually that last one was a trick question... this totally isn't a message to get you to change your answer into the wrong one.
  9. something seems off... can you spot what it is?
  10. final question: who is the color green
  11. actually this is the last one
  12. 01010101010101001010101010101010101000101010101
  13. ok we can just skip this one so just click [SKIP] to skip
  14. I hope you clicked skip...
  15. ... because skip is WRONG
  16. its time we use the 6
  17. you now have SIX possible answers!
  18. how many dongs does a ding dong dong?
  19. [poly
  20. THIS IS IT
  21. goodbye
  22. ...
  23. ...
  24. well i have to make this stretch up to question 25 right?
  25. ok bye for real

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