The Impossible Math Quiz

Are you good at math? Are you a mathematician? Take the quiz! These are 3rd to 5th garde math. That sounds easy, well it's not. Good luck Good luck Take the quiz!

So Are you good at math? And Are you a mathematician? This won't be long, just a few minutes. Take the quiz!Take the quiz!Take the quiz!Take the quiz!

Created by: gamercakes

  1. A girl plays 3 hours of video games everyday expect on hoildays. How many days a year don't she play video games?
  2. [(10x10)+(7x7)]x10
  3. A girl workout every weekend with boys on a fitness team. There are 6 members. How many are boys?
  4. (15x2)x(15x2)
  5. [3+3+3+3+3+3]x[2+2+2+2+2]
  6. A boy orders a pizza. The pizza was divided into 8 slices. Each person is gonna get 2 slices. How many boys was gonna eat the pizza?
  7. [150รท30]+[3x5]
  8. A 14 year old girl had a crush on a guy for 4years. What age did see first saw him?
  9. 15.6+0.6
  10. 20.5+20.5

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