The i don't know quiz

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Do you know... or do you not? Are you stupid, a loser, or smart, or a SMARTICLE! This quiz will help you figure that out! Hmm.. you look weird enough to take my quiz..Go ahead!

Are YOU on your way to loserville? (I REALLY HOPE NOT) Take this quiz to find out! All hail this quiz, all hail this quiz...sorry! Stop reading this! Go take the quiz already!

Created by: Madison

  1. there are 4 apples, i take 1 away, how many do i have?
  3. My name is Madison, how do you spell you know?
  4. my cousin lenny owes me a penny. Who does he owe a penny?
  5. Oh my gosh I went to the most awesomest park ever of course ha in in ICICLE AVENUE! What is wrong with this?
  6. Do you want this quiz to be over?
  7. What should I do now?
  8. How many I's are in this sentence? I went to the igloo I made with my friend Irwin which was awesome!
  9. superkalafragalisticxpaladocious. How many letters can you count in this?
  10. blankblankblankblankblankblanblankblankblank.Does this say, blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank?

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