The Hunger games quiz

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How to play: You are district 1-12 (pick a number) Then answer the questions, then see if you made it in the hunger games quiz, remember you can retake if you die. You just go back in time.

Are you strong or weak, this quiz will help. Plus this quiz is a game. It's kinda cool, because well it's a quiz and game mix together. Any way. Let the hunger games quiz begin!

Created by: Hunger Games fan
  1. How old is Katniss?
  2. Why did Katniss join the hunger games?
  3. What happens to Rue?
  4. What does Peeta say to Caesar?
  5. Does Katniss kiss Peeta or Gale?
  6. Rue points at what?
  7. What did Katniss do to get a 11?
  8. Why did Katniss attack Peeta?
  9. What type of animal did Rue and Katniss single each other with?
  10. Last question: How many people where in the Hunger Games total?

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