The Hunger Games: Part Two

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When Katniss and Gale get choosen for the reaping-Well, I can't tell you that! "A typical kid NEEDS a fairy-tale like this! A life that is just so fanominal, where anything can happen. Though this girls life is rough, any kid would give to have this life. To CLIMB trees, STEAL bread, DO anything." Says Aurilena Vazques-Davis, My friend. (:

"Just when you think the best part is coming for Katniss, things slowly tear apart. I almost broke into tears-the sacrifice Katniss made." Says my mom, (:

Created by: IcyDesignns

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  1. I sit on my bed, alone. Mom's out gathering fruits from Dradeen, Prim helping. I just sit in sorrow, pain. Maybe fear, too? I don't know, I don't know anything anymore. My minds gone blank, I have so many thoughts and emotions going through my head, and without my dad here there's no one to comfort me. No one to tell me what to do, to help me solve my unwanted problems that seem to not want to go away. Today is the day of the Reaping. The worst day of my life. I entered my names 4 times. I feel like that's not enough, although I don't want anything to deal with the Games. I can't die. Not now. Not with my mom in depression, Prim could never survive.
  2. *BANG, BANG, BANG!* "Open the door!" Mom yells. She has hands, can't she use them!? "Open it yourself!" I yell back. Prim, such a darling, opens the door. "Thanks for the help." Mom says, sarcastically. Prim comes up to me and tugs on my polo shirt, wrinkling it up, saying my name. "What?" I say. "Can we run away? To Dradeen? There's food, and a shelter." She whispers. "What!? No! Why?" "Because, the Reaping is today." "Don't worry baby girl. We'll be alright."
  3. Because the Reaping is a "Special Event" 20 buses drive around at about 3:00 P.M. to pick everyone up. Everyone will then get transported to where the Reaping takes place and the ceremony begins. And it sucks right now because, guess what time it is? 3:00. *BEEEEEP* The bus horn honks. Prim, Mom, and I all go out to the bus. Sadly, I take a seat next to a fat, hairy guy with chickens on his lap. Yuckk!
  4. Next thing I knew, everyone from all around the District are crowded for the worst day of their lives. There's a girl walking by, she has pink hair. "Voices, please." She says through a microphone. Everyone grew silent. "Good luck." Whispers Prim. Effie Trinket, our Reaping councilor, sticks her arm in a large, glass bowl. As always, girls first. She swayes her hands around the bowl as if there's a specific one she's searching for. She grabs one. She hits a humongous smile towards the crowd as she's about to read. "Primrose Everdeen." She read. Prim just stands there, everyone staring. "Come on." Says Effie, motioning Prim. She takes a few step. "No, this can't be possible!" I think to myself. I start running, "NO! I VOLUNTEER!" I yell. "What's that?" Says Effie, everyone staring at me now. "I volunteer." I whisper. Prim looks back at me, tears covering her face. "So be it." Effie declares, "Come here." I slowly walk up to the stage, a hundred pairs of eyes following my every move. "NOOOOO! KATNISS!" Prim yells. The guards come to pull her back as she starts running for me. "Ladies and gentleman, our very first volunteer." Announced Effie. Everyone claps and cheers, noticing what a sacrifice I had made.
  5. Effie walks to the other side of the stage. She pulls out a piece of paper and reads it aloud: Gale Hawthorne. Everyone cheers in excitement. I stare him for a long time, trying to figure out who he is. I think I know him from somewhere. He walks up the stage and shakes my hand, "I had a feeling we'd end up in the Games together, Katniss." He says. I stare in his bold, grey eyes. The same set of eyes I stared into at Dradeen forest. So that was his name? Gale? "Nice to see you again." I reply. I'm dead for sure now that I know he's my fellow tribute. Not like I thought I'd win before...
  6. *TRIVIA QUESTION!* In the beginning Katniss said said she was sitting on her bed in sorrow, pain, and _____. What was the last word she said? Don't cheat! (:
  7. Effie grabs me and Gale's arms and pulls them up in the air, "District 12, our tributes!" Applause passes through the crowd, not a big one though. Me and Gale share a smile together, although I'm not happy nor excited for any reason. They gave us 4 hours to prepare for the depart to the Hunger Games arena. In those 4 hours, I pack my bags and then go to Dradeen for a while to hunt and harvest potato's and talk to Peeta. Prim and mom will need them, because when I'm gone, they'll die of starvation. Especially because Prim and my mom only know how to harvest, not hunt. Their healers, not killers! What am I to expect? Before I do anything though, I go to The Hob. I look around at what used to be a coal mining warehouse, but now is a black marketing store. I stand at a table with an old lady running it. In the box it is full of gems, and jewels, and one very odd thing I notice as I'm flipping through the box. A bird. "What is this?" I ask the lady. "A Mockingjay." She says. "Ohh, how much is it? A squirrel?" I ask. She looks down at the Mockingjay, then looks up and smiles at me. "Nothing, Its yours. Consider it a gift." "Thank you, ma'am." I put the Mockingjay pin in my pocket then head to Dradeen with Peeta
  8. "You think you can win this?" Ask Peeta, climbing a tree in Dradeen. "Yes, maybe." I reply, not so confident though. I climb behind him. "I'll take care of your family while your gone. I'll hunt out here every day after work, and I'll bring a loaf a bread. And-And I'll harvest too! I'll do everything that YOU'D do until you come back. " "Your so genorous, Peeta. But I probably won't come back." "Katniss, don't be like that. Don't doubt yourself, you'r stronger then that." "You don't even know me! All you know is I'm a girl with a pretty face, and your just helping so if I did win, you'd get a part of the prize too." "That isn't true Katniss, you are a poor girl, from the Seam. You need help, Prim, your mom- They'll die without me here." I moan. "Ughhhh! If you insist, I guess you can." "Ok, I will." Me and Peeta continue talking until I hear Prim calling my name. She's getting closer. Why is she here!? I told her to never come to Dradeen without me-It's too dangerous. I jump off the branch I'm on and dash towards her. "Katniss, Katniss, Katniss!" I hear her yell, I'm getting closer.
  9. "Prim!?" I yell. I take a left. I see her wrapped up in a net, dangling from a large oak tree. "Katniss! I was looking for you, but I stepped on a rock and-" "Shut It, Prim. I got this. Ughh, Why did you come out here!!!" "I'm sorry." "Whatever." I cut through the rope and she falls to the ground. Why would there be a boobie trap out here? I could only wonder. "Kat, mom wanted me ti tell tou the Peacekeeper's are here. I had a feeling you'd be here." Prim whispers. "They are-already?" I reply. "Yes." We start walking towards the gate of Dradeen, watching our every step for there might be more boobie traps. Finally, I'm at my house. I don't know where Peeta went, nor do I care.
  10. "Katniss?" Asks a man with golden hair. He stands 6 feet tall, and ehh..35 years old? "Yes?" I say gently. "You have to go now." I go into my room with Prim to grab my bags. "Kat." Says Prim. "Yes baby girl?" I reply. "You promise you'll win?" I stare at her ocean-blue eyes, "I promise, baby girl." I grad my bags and we start walking through the living room. "You ready?" Said the man. "Yes, Sir." I reply. I walk towards the door, "NOOOOOO, KAT!!" Screams Prim, yanking on my shirt, "DONT GOOOOO! Please don't go.." She cries. Even though it hurts to go, I do.
  11. The Peacekeepers take me and Gale to Jakarta train station right off the border of the Seam. From there we take a long train ride to Kukawa, where the Games take place. Me and Gale just sit there, staring at eachother. Oh, how much I hate him. Effie was on the train, also. "I'll go get your mentor." Says Effie. She doesn't return, only a middle-aged guy with dirty blonde hair and color-changing eyes (Right now their purple). He walks in all wobbly like a penguin, a cold beer in his hand, taking a sip every other step ge takes. "Hello, hello. The names Haymitch!" He yells with a growl at the end. "Hi-" I whisper. "HEEEEY!" Yells Gale, giving Haymitch a high-five.
  12. Hey guys! If this episode seems speeded through; I'm sorry. I was anxious to get Part Two out, and you guys were anxious to read it. I really hope you enjoyed it and I hope if you were a true fan, you would rate and/or comment. Thank you all, I wouldn't have been able to get this far without you.

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