The Howrse Test!

There are over 1 million US Howrse players. But very few know alot about the game. They are considered Howrse geniuses, experienced players, or "Obi-Wan Kanobis"

Are you a Howrse genius? Why don't you find out? It'll only take a second and you'll know how to compare yourself to the other Howrse players! Remember this Howrse quiz is for US Howrse, and the player who made this quiz is pathfinder, not cjhorses or Windwalker2. ;)

Created by: pathfinder

  1. Let's start easyish. How much does a HoP cost?
  2. What about a PSH?
  3. And a PoC?
  4. Now a bit harder...What does it mean for a howrse to be "bolded"?
  5. What is the maximum amount of eqquus to POSSIBLY win in a lesson?
  6. VIP players...
  7. Pegasus accounts...
  8. Who is minskins?
  9. Who is Serraei?
  10. What is the Thundering Hooves team?

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