The Hogwarts Sorting Hat

This quiz tells you what house you will be in if you ever go to hogwarts.

Can you handle the truth?!

Created by: Bradley

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  1. Your best friend just got into a fight with the meanest kid in school. You-
  2. Someone just broke into your house, you-
  3. You find a piece of paper sticking out of your arch enemy's locker. You read it and it has the answers to next week's test on it. You-
  4. Your best friend is very scared to ride a rollercoaster that someone dared him to ride. You offer to ride with him. The outcome was that-
  5. Favorite color-
  6. Favorite Animal-
  7. Your best friend just became the quaterback for the school football team. You-
  8. If someone handed you 1,000,000,000 dollars, you would-
  9. If scientists detected a rogue gene which convinced you that your young child would grow up to be a criminal, you-
  10. Overall, do you rate youself most:

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