The harry potter quiz

Harry Potter is a wizard, a wizard who passed most of his owls. Now you have the chance to past your test! A true wizard/witch after all, can use their knowledge as power, and they have passed their tests.

Are you a OWL student? Could you go into the deepest parts of magic nobody has dared to do? Could you come out of here with a NEWT? Nobody knows, until they take this quiz that is!

Created by: QuizzyRascel

  1. Who is Moony?
  2. When Harry first meets Snape, Snape describes him as what?
  3. Ron has a middle name, what is it?
  4. Who is the Ravenclaw ghost?
  5. Harry Potter's task was to face a dragon, but what dragon did Krum have to face?
  6. What part of the Deathly Hallows did Hermione want?
  7. Who did Harry go to the Yule Ball with?
  8. Which of these can the Philosopher's Stone (Or Sorcerers' Stone) do?
  9. What form does Hermione's patronus take?
  10. What is the first thing that anyone complains about Peeves?

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