The Great Year 8 Talmud Quiz

This is a quick quiz for you to get you ready for your upcoming test next week. The Test is all from the 'Introduction to Torah Sheba'al Peh unit' that we learnt at the beggining of the year

The quiz is designed to help you realise what you do and don't know so you can therefore revise more effectively this week. Take your time, dont rush and enjoy!

Created by: Mr Richman

  1. In what year was the Torah given to Bnei Yisrael
  2. The Torah Shebichtav is
  3. The Torah Sheba'al Peh is...
  4. The Torah Shebichtav tells us
  5. The Torah Sheba'al Peh tells us
  6. Complete this Sentence. Mishna + Gemara = ?
  7. Who wrote down the Torah Sheba'al Peh?
  8. What is the Gemara?
  9. When was the Mishna written
  10. How did the Rabbis make a Halachic ruling over switching on a light on Shabbat, when electricity was invented?

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