The Great Gatsby Chap 4 Quiz

The Great Gatsby Chapter 4 Quiz. Let's see if you actually read the chapter before coming to class! I hope so... we will be very disappointed if you did not.

The questions are very easy and require a basic understanding of chapter four in the novel The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald written in 1925.

Created by: Rose Fossez

  1. How would you describe Gatsby's car?
  2. According to what Gatsby tells Nick, what is his family's situation?
  3. Why does Nick think that Gatsby is lying?
  4. Why is Nick annoyed at Gatsby?
  5. What part of Mr Wolfshiem's face is the most expressive?
  6. What is the place across from the speakeasy called?
  7. Who does Mr Wolfshiem mistaken Nick for?
  8. Where is Gatsby's war medal from?
  9. What happens at the end of the chapter?
  10. What does Tom give Daisy before their wedding?

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