The Globe Theater

We all know Shakespeare, because of the famous line: To be or not to be. When we are in London, we are going to visit Shakespeares Globe Theater. So what do you know about Shakespeare and his Globe?

To be or not to be. Are you a hero or a zero? If you are a hero, prove it with this quiz. if you are a zero, you are not ready to go to London. So the choice is yours

Created by: Shakespeare

  1. In 2011, Shakespeare's Globe will celebrate the 400th anniversary of a theatre play. Which?
  2. You can follow a summer or short course in the Globe too, which one?
  3. Where is the exhibition about the elizabethean times located?
  4. When was the theatre built?
  5. Who is casted as Helena in the play "˜All's well that ends well '?
  6. Which walks can you choose from in the Sonnet Walks?
  7. What kind of performances take place troughout the years?
  8. By who is Hamlet directed ?
  9. By who was the globe founded?
  10. Where does the globe stand?

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