The General Harry Potter Quiz

There are many novel series and the Harry Potter series is one of those popular one. We enjoyed the twists, the mysteries, the dramas, the challenges and of course, the magic but do you really know something about it?

Are you really a Potterhead? Do you really have the general knowledge about this wonderful series? If you really think so, take this easy quiz about the Harry Potter Series. I hope you like it. Have fun and good luck... Potterheads!!!

Created by: Eighth Infinity

  1. How many books do the Harry Potter series have?
  2. Who is the author of this famous novel series?
  3. Who is "The Golden Trio" of the series?
  4. Who is the main villain of the series?
  5. The government of wizard, witches and other magical creatures is called _____.
  6. What are the three magical school offered for witches and wizards?
  7. What is called to a wizard or witch which has a wizard or witch and a muggle for parents?
  8. What is called to a wizard or witch which has a wizard and witch parents?
  9. What is called to the non-magical population and folks?
  10. What is called to a non-magical folk with wizard and witch parents?
  11. Which is known as "The Cursed Subject"?
  12. Who are the founders of Hogwarts?

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