The future of you!

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Life is a huge book you cannot put down. Every event is a new page, every day a new chapter, every year a sequel to the previous. The world is a library, and you can't just check any book.

What do you see? Is your future frat parties and smuggling? Nobel Prizes and helping? running and indescision? Or are you going to make your very own future? It is in your hands.

Created by: Mac

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where are you right now?
  2. You have heard and know about 2012.
  3. Where do you live?
  4. are you allowed to date?
  5. Friends?
  6. Fast fact- It is scientifically proven the world will end in 2012. True/ false?
  7. Do ya write in a notebook?
  8. Are you goth?
  9. Have you ever participated in illegal activities?
  10. Life is just one huge book that is impossible to put down. Every event is a new page, every day a new chapter, and every year a sequel.

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