The Frodo Beautifulness Quiz.

Hey, this is the Frodo Beautiful-ness Quiz, because Frodo Baggins is the most beautiful guy in the world. :D

So this quiz is basically gonna tell you your level of in love- ness/ your measure of attractive-ness. :)

Created by: ShadowFax

  1. Okay, first of all, what would be the word you use to describe Frodo's attractiveness?
  2. What movie do you like him most in?
  3. What is one of your favourite scenes out of these with him in it..?
  4. What is one of his best features?
  5. His tummy and chest and navel are SO frickin' HOT.
  6. How would you describe his flesh? Weird question.
  7. What is the best part of his eyes?
  8. Uh, so which movie out of the trilogy was your favourite?
  9. How would you describe his...mouth?
  10. In what way? (Refer to question about his mouth)
  11. Last question: Do you love Frodo Baggins?

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