The Forever Horse Test

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There are many people who think that they know a lot about horses. After all, there is not alot man/woman who truly knows SOMETHING about horses and their life.

Are you one of the people that truly knows about horses and ponies? Until now you could only wonder, but thanks to this great quiz, YOU will soon find out!

Created by: Pegasus711

  1. What is the tallest horse on record's name?
  2. What is the things that a horse wear on rides called? (Saddles, Bridles, ect.)
  3. Which breed of horse is often used for Westenrn riding?
  4. Which ficton horse is in Black Beauty?
  5. What is colic?
  6. What does horses do when scared?
  7. Why do horses need horseshoes?
  8. In a herd of wild horses, is a mare or stallion in charge of the herd?
  9. Which kind of fencing should be avoided?
  10. Last qustion, Does horses usually need grooming every...

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