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Do you have the power, the skills, the body to take this DYSTOPIA TEST DEMO!!!!! Go ahead give it a try! It wont affect you anyway so might as well give it a try!

Are you a genius on the dystopia test? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!" Be ready for the test!!!

Created by: Fifii Mensah

  1. What is rule number 1?
  2. Where do you go if you get in trouble if you are under the age of 18?
  3. Where do you go if you get in trouble but over the age of 18 or 18?
  4. What is the passing score on in the dystopia test in my dystopia?
  5. Before hung up on a pole, how many times do you have to be in the box?
  6. What is our motto in my dystopia?
  7. Are we allowed to date?
  8. What are people under the age of 18 called?
  9. What do elementary schoolers do at school?
  10. What do middle and high schoolers do at school?
  11. Are sports allowed?
  12. Do you think I passed the dystopia test?
  13. If working over the summer, in order to move on to the next grade, how much money should you make at least?
  14. How much do we get paid per hour?
  15. True or false, we have a good ecomony?
  16. On the dystopia test, do you get help?
  17. Do all aminals get cooked for a meal?
  18. Are you allowed to have phones?
  19. If no, what happens?
  20. Can you escape in the middle of school?
  21. For middle and high school, are there dungeon days?
  22. Is the food gross?
  23. What happens if you sing "Let it Go"?
  24. Can you dye your hair?
  25. What number are you supposed to rate your quiz?
  26. How well do you think you did?
  27. Are the adults smart?

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