The /di0t test for idiots and nerds

Are you an idiot? If you are, this is probably an exasting paragraph! You should take this quiz to find out....are you an idiot? Do you need help? WHAT?

Again, ARE YOU an idiot? You should take this quiz to find out! Disclaimer: I am sorry if this quiz is offensive, very, very sorry. I just want it to be fun.

Created by: lovetakes2
  1. What is 2+2
  2. Who is Taylor swift?
  3. Which is bad?
  4. Are you taking a quiz right now?
  5. how do you hold something?
  6. how many questions have you awnsered?
  7. which of the following is the awnser to 5x5?
  8. Who is the first president?
  9. Which is a number?
  10. Bye!

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