the dead becomes alive

You did a really super duper job in the quiz thanks for playing this you might survive but you'll get seriously injured by your self nah just kidding man

Why do we need to do this anyway nobody reads this stuff anyway so why do we do this oh well good job and thanks for doing the test and what ever your welcome

Created by: Sergio jr

  1. What are the zombie simtums
  2. If you were bitten by a zombie and your teammates dont know what do you do
  3. If you were surrounded by zombies in a barn what do you do
  4. Where do you go in a zombie invasion
  5. In a fort or something like that what do you do first
  6. How can you turn into a zombie
  7. What are zombies weakness
  8. What do zombies love to eat
  9. How is the zombie virus caused
  10. What is the virus called

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