The Bleach Quiz

Well basically my whole quiz was on a show named Bleach. It is a japanese show that consists of many different supernatural beings. It is the best show out at the moment and i encourage anyone who has not yet seen any episodes or read the manga to do so.

Im not gonna go along with those bad examples they gave on this site so if you don't score above 85% in this quiz then you will be abused for being stupid so if you think you have what it takes to get above 85% then take the quiz.

Created by: Smurf
  1. What is the best anime?
  2. What is the best anime?
  3. What is the name of the main character in Bleach?
  4. What type of power does Ishida have?
  5. Who is the 3rd Captain?
  6. What is Ichigo Kurosaki's hair color?
  7. Who is the leader of the bounto?
  8. What is Renji's Zanpakuto called?
  9. Where do Plus's go after a soul Burial has been performed?
  10. Which division was Ichinose's captain in charge of?
  11. What is the Bleach movie called?
  12. In which episode does Ichimaru first appear in?
  13. What color is the lining of captain Ichimaru's kimono?

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