The band Avenged Sevenfold is a great band. They've made some albums, have a pretty wide fanbase, and have done a lot of shows. But they are also incorrectly labelled by closed-minded morons who don't know a thing about the band.

They have been called metal, metalcore, and hard rock. Which one do you think it is? Do you know a lot about this awesome band? Find out here at this quiz made by one of their biggest fans ever! Which is me, of course.

Created by: Tom
  1. Who does lead vocals?
  2. Who plays lead guitar?
  3. Who is the bassist?
  4. Who plays rhythm guitar?
  5. Who is the drummer?
  6. Who else in the band does vocals?
  7. "The Rev" abbreviates....
  8. What is The Rev's real name?
  9. What is Zacky Vengeance's real name?
  10. What is Johnny Christs real name?
  11. What is Synyster Gates' real name?
  12. What is M.Shadows real name?
  13. Which song did Avenged Sevenfold cover?
  14. Who was the bassist they had listed in Sounding the Seventh Trumpet?
  15. How many albums does Avenged Sevenfold have?
  16. When was Avenged Sevenfold formed?
  17. Has Avenged Sevenfold released any albums with hardcore screaming in it? If so, how many?
  18. Did the band like recording the video for Beast and the Harlot?
  19. Which of these lyrics is in Beast and The Harlot?
  20. Ok, now name all of the songs whose lyrics I used in the question.
  21. Do you think you know a lot about Avenged Sevenfold? (won't effect anything)
  22. Did you look A7X up while you were taking this quiz?
  23. Finally, did you like taking this quiz? (won't effect anything)

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