teen beach movie quiz

Have you heard about Teen beach? Watched it? If not then why are you here? Well I'm supposed to have 150 message and I don't know what else to say soo..yeah

You know the characters? Lela, Mack, Brady, Tanner, etc? Yes? Me too! That's because I watched Teen Beach like 5737385 times. Soooooo......take the quiz! =)

Created by: akdkdsjcjd

  1. Who is Brady's girlfriend?
  2. How did Mack and Brady get to the movie world?
  3. What was the very first song in Teen Beach movie?
  4. How did Lela and Tanner meet and fall in love?
  5. How did the bikers and surfers stop fighting?
  6. Who sings "Surf Crazy"?
  7. When all the bikers and surfers washed up on a random beach, why were they be scared of the phone?
  8. Did Mack survive the huge wave at the end of the movie?
  9. Who did lela fall into when singing "Fallin for ya"?
  10. Last question: did Mack go on her flight to the private school? Why?

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