TDROTI test who are you like ?

uhhhhh ....ok every thing u just said is like totally ture adou the whole geniuses thing but i don't really understand the qeustion can u dumb it down a little

oh............. well i'm not nown as the super super smartone i'm smart i'm not dumb though i get words comfosed i didn't get 2 go 2 kindergarden only 4 a month its not my falt i had heart probelms

Created by: Xena

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If u could bring any thing 2 the island what would it b ?
  2. while u were on the island who would u b nown as ?
  3. what would ur theme song b ?
  4. would ur friend b ?
  6. what would u b nown as ?
  7. what's ur personality ?
  8. who would ur boyfriend b?
  9. who would ur girl friend b ? if ur a girl think of her as ur bff (please u people some people pick jo 4 me please)
  10. if u won the season whay would u use the money 4 ?

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Quiz topic: TDROTI test who am I like ?