take it you know you want to!!!

a genius is a smart person and knows alot like a scientist does im happy for genius's because they made alot of the earth and the space jk lol but i am happy very happy for genius's and with out them we would not have streetlights and roads and places to work like jobs and stores to shop actully we would but genius's help with that

am i a genius no not exactly i can be somtimes but most of the time no because with math no but with history still no but with like games and stupid questions i can pass them easy but i hope this is 150 words you stupid question paragraph

Created by: lindsey

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. sometimes do you hate your self for doing somthing
  2. do you love hangin around alot of people or just a little?
  3. do you love cake
  4. do you love pizza
  5. do you always look for cute guys were ever you go
  6. what tv show do you like
  7. what is your favorite animal
  8. do you like touching everything when you go to a store
  9. if you touch your right ear do you have to touch your left ear to make it even

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