Switched At Birth Trivia

There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. Genius is, afterall, quite exceptional. What's a genius? Well from the results, you are. Great job and watch Season 2!

Take the quiz and test your mind. Fill your noggin with knowledge. Shapren you wit and brain with info. This quiz will help win that mission good luck!

Created by: A. Hardy
  1. Who doubted any relation in the Kennish household?
  2. What did Daphne tell Cheese in sign language that was supposed to mean "Doin the nasty"
  3. When did Bay think about her dad?
  4. What's Toby's band name?
  5. What's Ty's secret?
  6. What did Daphne burn in cooking class?
  7. Why was 'Angelo Sorrento' not her dad?
  8. What did Regina do?
  9. What was Bay's gift for her boyfriend, Emmett?
  10. What did Emmett do to express his love for Bay?

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