surviving a Terrorist Attack

in this quiz it will test your brain power on doing things that not always will be required for average people, like an expert marksmen, doctor, and terrorist killer.

hope you do good, if so you will know that you can kill terrorists, if not thats to bad, but you wont know until you take the quiz, so take it man, and find out the truth!

Created by: david lewis

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you have any experience with hand to hand combat?
  2. do you carry a loaded weapon at all times?
  3. can you clean a wound?
  4. can you operate a gun?
  5. have you witnessed a death?
  6. have you had a serious injury?
  7. how much do you bench?
  8. there are 2 terrorists in front of you one has a family member hostage the other an experienced officer, who do you save?
  9. would you help a party or just yourself
  10. are you afraid to risk your life to save others?

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