you know it?

There are many Sup---atural fans out there, but do ou really know your Salt from your pepper and your Sam from your Dean! Find out here! Look at paragraph two for some tips on how to score highly!

Tke this quiz and find out if you really are a Sup---atural fan or if your just a wanna be. Here are some tips: Watch every single episode, Watch them more than once, Research your Lore!

Created by: naomi
  1. Hi, what car does Dean Winchester drive?
  2. How do you repel (not get rid of) Ghosts?
  3. Soooo, how do you "kill" a ghost?
  4. A hard one, When was THe Colt made and who by?
  5. In bad day at Black Rock, how was Sam's luck returned to normal?
  6. What is a commen sign that a demon has been somewhere?
  7. Black eyed demons are classed as...?
  8. When an angel "falls" can they become a demon?
  9. How many angels have actually seen god's face?
  10. Can you identify a Shapseshifter using a camera?
  11. Is a pentagram for good or evil?
  12. Do the pionts on a pentagram mean anything?
  13. Who is hotter? (no effect, promise)

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