StarClan Or Dark Forest

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Hi! I'm Silverdappple. I'll be leading you for our quiz today. Let's figure out if you are StarClan or the Dark Forest! I'll be taking you to 3 different places.

First, I'll lead you to starclan to have a few questions. Then, you shall journey to the Dark Forest. Lastly, you'll meet my clanmates, from LakeClan.

Created by: Suah Choi
  1. If you commited a crime, what would it be?
  2. That was the starter question. Let's meet the StarClan Cats! OK?
  3. Do you think once a kittypet, always a kittypet is true?-Firestar-
  4. How many cats that were in Dark Forest deserve to come to StarClan?-Bluestar-
  5. Did Longtail deserve to be dead?-Spottedleaf-
  6. Now lets talk to the ones in the Dark Forest. Is that Ok with you?
  7. StarClan is a bunch of wimps. yes or no?-Tigerstar the First-
  8. Why are StarClan cats so stuck-up?!-Mapleshade-
  9. Now, it's time to meet me and my fellow clanmates in LakeClan. Say yay please
  10. My mother went to StarClan.-Watershine-
  11. Do you like light?-Searipple-
  12. What would your ending be?

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