Spongebob Squarepants quiz

I guess just a Spongebob quiz from the hit kids T.V network Nickelodean (How ever you spell it). I prefure Disney Channel but im an 11 year old girl so... All ages can take this quiz except for maybe 1-3 year olds. Even adults watch Spongebob! It's classic! Even if your like me and you prefure Disney Channel you can't hate Spongebob!

It doesnt take that long to take this quiz. Its only 12 questions! It's not easy to fail this quiz eaither! Try it! Like i said before its not that hard! Have fun with it! You might wanna study first if you don't really know alot about Spongebob but why would you even take this quiz if you didn't know spongebob?

Created by: Gina
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  1. What town does spongebob live in?
  2. What does Spongebob live in?
  3. Whos Spongebobs Best Friend?
  4. Where does Sandy come from?
  5. Where does Spongebob work?
  6. Whats Spongebob's pet snails name?
  7. Why does Spongebob and Patrick insult Sandy's home state in order to make Sandy chase them?
  8. Why does Spongebob throw a peanut at the giant oster?
  9. Is Spongebob the one who made the oster cry?
  10. If no, then who did and why?

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