spongebob living

blah blah blah,sponge bob quiz,with most information,THATS IT,I LIKE THESE PEOPLE.i also like squid and patrick,patrick is most funny.spongebob is funny too.

i like to know your score because,i really like sponge bob may i remind you,i am ten,and i have very mature feelings,but i still like spongebob so bye.

Created by: OZZYIOMMI

  1. what color is garys bowl
  2. what color is squidwards curtain in his bathroom
  3. how many stripe are on spongebobs socks
  4. what is his pets name
  5. what is his ocupation
  6. how old is he(in the show)
  7. what is on sandys jacket suit
  8. what is planktons real first name
  9. on the episode with the secret box what does patrick say followed by a milk spill
  10. complete the sentece: u have it set M for mini when it should be set fo W for ______
  11. what does patrick say when he takes hats in a weenie voice
  12. wat doe squid say to spongebob whaen he clears his mind
  13. what does krabs say to sponge about his_______ locker
  14. when the evil doodle thing hit pat with a bowling ball wat does pat say
  15. when the wrench hit patrick what does he say

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