Spanking Apology Quiz

You've been very bad and earned a spanking. You take your place on my knees and I give you two spankings on your bare bottom for every year of your age.

With the sting of my hairbrush fresh on your mind, you can feel just how red your bottom is. If only I would let you off my knees to see, but you must answer my questions first. Now that you've received a punishment for your misbehavior, let's see if you have learned your lesson.

Created by: Me

  1. My hairbrush rests on your smarting bottom. "Now, tell me what you did to receive this spanking."
  2. You hear a loud CRACK and feel a fresh sting on your bottom. "Have you done it before?"
  3. Another SMACK! "Were other people hurt?"
  4. Smack! Crack! Spank! "Did you apologize?"
  5. Two more smacks. You're not sure how much more of this you can take. "Did you deserve a spanking?"
  6. My hairbrush flies across your bottom, back and forth, raining spanks down on your already-sore rear end. Finally, there's a pause. "Have you learned your lesson?"
  7. Four more spanks. Your bottom burns from both my hairbrush and shame. I stop spanking you but say nothing. You:
  8. "Will you ever-" smack! "Ever-" smack! "EVER do it again!"
  9. "Did you count your spanks like I asked you to?"
  10. Spank! Spank! Spank! "Say you're sorry."

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