Sonic Role play

You can choose your hero’s name but when the bad guy strikes you need to get the chaos emeralds back to earth!!!or else😔you will lose okay? Now go and save us

When the good guys strike the bad guys shall beat them. Follow you wretched dreams and destroy the worlds 2nd fastest (Hero’s animal type)right now right here!!!

Created by: Axtive Gacha

  1. You walk into a grassy field with robots, giant loops, springs, trees and more.
  2. You see Dr.Eggman yelling at his robots
  3. You get to Eggman as soon as you can
  4. Eggman:OW(or)Eggman:Where is Sonic and (your character)!?
  5. Only read if you are on the good side(Skip if on bad)Jump on him or drop dash?
  6. Sonic comes in and Jumps on Eggman
  7. Sonic:what where you thinking!?You...
  8. Soon at the death Egg you sneak around
  9. Then lasers start going every where
  10. (Hero)Deactivated the lasers
  11. The chaos emeralds are falling down to earth!!!
  12. You have chaos control and power
  13. Ooohh
  14. Last one!!!
  15. Who do you want to lose?
  16. Bye!(good bye won’t count)

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