Sonic characters as Wings of Fire dragons

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I was bored and I had literally nothing better to do except make the stupidest quiz in the history of the universe. gjkfdhukdsfiovklsfdjkefpjsckljfdjweoihsdfl;w


Created by: KrazyGirl765

  1. Read the dumb blurb in my paragraphs first.
  2. Okay good. ON WITH DA QUIZ!!!!
  3. Sonic is Tsunami. They are both impulsive, good at fighting, and blue. (my only setback is Tsunami is a SeaWing, therefore she can swim.)
  4. Tails is Sunny. This might sound weird but they're both good at fighting and other things even though most people don't take them seriously.
  5. Knuckles is Kestrel because they're both red and grumpy.
  6. Amy is... okay, I put no thought into this. So I'll just say Amy is annoying. Which is true as heck.
  7. Shadow is Winter. They both are rude and annoyed at life.
  8. Silver is Clay. I am neglecting Clay's weird obsession with eating and instead focusing on his adorable personality.
  9. Blaze is Queen Glory, because they're both aloof. Also they would both undeniably punch someone in face.
  10. Cream is Kinkajou, because they both are happy-go-lucky but at the same time they can fight.
  11. Charmy is Cricket. I mostly chose Cricket because she's a HiveWing, but also I have a feeling she and Charmy would get along.
  12. Sally is former queen Magnificent, because to me they both have no other personality traits other than being annoying and being royalty.
  13. Rouge is Liana. I won't explain more than that.
  14. Espio is a Dorito. Because I have absolutely no idea who he should be.
  15. Jet is Vermilion. They are both loud and annoying.
  16. Wave is that one girl at your local middle school who says, "Ugh, are you serious?" to literally everything that comes out of anyone's mouth. (I have no idea who Wave should be either.)
  17. Storm is Jambu, because they're both goofy and dumb.
  18. Whisper is Moonwatcher. They are both quiet and shy. That's like the only reason I chose Moon, okay! You got me.
  19. Tangle is Luna. They are both crazy, funny, and love to talk. They're twins separated at birth.
  20. Welp, that's all I got. SO LONG!

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